Simple and complex comparatives in Modern Standard Arabic




Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) has simple and complex comparatives, which look rather like their counterparts in many other languages. MSA simple comparatives are indeed like those of other languages, but MSA complex comparatives are quite different. They involve an adjective with a nominal complement, which may be an adjectival noun or an ordinary noun, and are rather like so-called ˋadjectival constructs'. Simple comparatives, complex comparatives, and adjectival constructs can all be analysed with lexical rules within HPSG.




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Alsulami, Abeer & Arnold, Doug & Borsley, Robert D. 2017. Simple and complex comparatives in Modern Standard Arabic. Proceedings of the 24th International Conference on Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar 5–25. (doi:10.21248/hpsg.2017.1) ( (Accessed December 8, 2022.)