Explanations and ˋEngineering Solutions'? Aspects of the relation between Minimalism and HPSG





It is not simple to compare Minimalism and HPSG, but it is possible to identify a variety of differences, some not so important but others of considerable importance. Two of the latter are: (1) the fact that Minimalism is a very lexically-based approach whereas HPSG is more syntactically-based, and (2) the fact that Minimalism uses Internal Merge in the analysis of unbounded dependencies whereas HPSG employs the SLASH feature. In both cases the HPSG approach seems to offer a better account of the facts. Thus, in two important respects it seems preferable to Minimalism.




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Borsley, Robert D. 2017. Explanations and ˋEngineering Solutions’? Aspects of the relation between Minimalism and HPSG. Proceedings of the 24th International Conference on Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar 82–102. (doi:10.21248/hpsg.2017.5) (https://proceedings.hpsg.xyz/article/view/370) (Accessed December 8, 2022.)