Semantic composition in reflexivization


  • Tohru Noguchi Ochanomizu University, Japan



It has been commonly assumed since Chomsky (1981) that the distribution of reflexive pronouns is subject to Binding Condition A. Reinhart and Reuland (1993) formulate Condition A in terms of the notion of syntactic predicate. The proposal I will develop in this paper is to factor out semantic and syntactic conditions on the occurrence of reflexive pronouns and to reduce them to independently motivated semantic and syntactic mechanisms. The semantic part is attributed to a theory of semantic composition recently developed by Chung and Ladusaw (2004), while the syntactic residue falls into the proper characterization of syntactic chains, as proposed by Reinhart and Reuland (1993) and Reuland (2001). To the extent that this approach is successful, Binding Condition A is rendered superfluous.


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Noguchi, Tohru. 2005. Semantic composition in reflexivization. Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar 540–560. (doi:10.21248/hpsg.2005.31) ( (Accessed September 21, 2023.)