Negative concord in Romanian as polyadic quantification




In this paper we develop an HPSG syntax-semantics of negative concord in Romanian. We show that n-words in Romanian can best be treated as negative quantifiers which may combine by resumption to form polyadic negative quantifiers. Optionality of resumption explains the existence of simple sentential negation readings alongside double negation readings. We solve the well-known problem of defining general semantic composition rules for translations of natural language expressions in a logical language with polyadic quantifiers by integrating our higher-order logic in Lexical Resource Semantics, whose constraint-based composition mechanisms directly support a systematic syntax-semantics for negative concord with polyadic quantification.


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Iordăchioaia, Gianina & Richter, Frank. 2009. Negative concord in Romanian as polyadic quantification. Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar 150–170. (doi:10.21248/hpsg.2009.8) ( (Accessed May 26, 2024.)